About Us

It all started with the fact that we should travel to Switzerland unexpectedly, booking tickets, organizing taxi to airport, emptying the fridge, packing, finding someone who is looking for house and garden etc. etc. etc. But:
What to do with our dog “YARO” while we were away from home?

Believe us, we have been looking around Hua Hin. But what we have found were:
• Private persons, who have dog boarding at home, but we (honestly) didn’t really trust.
• Dogs Caring places which are fully booked up.
• Kennels where the dogs (except 2h / day for garden-walk) are constantly crated in a cage.
• Shelters, where the dogs are in their own feces
• etc. etc. etc….
All these options were out of the question for us. Our dog is our “baby” who sleeps at night in our bed, and needs a lot of love, cuddles and affection.
From this “emergency situation” our idea of building a dog hotel in Hua Hin with European standards was born.
After 1 year of planning, construction and cumbersome administrative procedures, it was finally done: the


was able to open its doors on 1 October 2015!
We are a Swiss couple who moved to Thailand in 2014. Originally coming from Biel/Bienne we have found in Hua Hin our new home.
Together with “Yaro” our dog and our cat “Bumbui” we live on the outskirts of Hua Hin.