Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

We are committed to arranging your dog’s stay in a way that is appropriate to the species and in accordance with your wishes as far as possible.

By entrusting your dog to the care of DOGGY PARADISE, these General Terms and Conditions are said to be accepted.

Prior to the planned care of a dog, a free getting to know each other takes place with the owner and his dog. This initial interview serves to determine for both parties if care is to be considered.

DOGGY PARADISE may be visited at any time. Ideal is between 2pm and 4pm. We will be happy to explain to you the daily routine and will take the time to discuss all details with you. It is important to us that your dog feels comfortable with us. We would be grateful if you could let us know in advance when you would like to come to avoid a clash in timing.

We do not accept any:

  • Attack dogs
  • Aggressive dogs
  • Dogs that urine mark
  • Dogs that are ill
  • Dogs in heat
  • Puppies less than 3 months old
  • Dogs with contagious diseases or parasites
  • DOGGY PARADISE is geared towards small and medium-sized dogs, larger dogs are welcome, too, of course. For extremely large dogs, DOGGY PARADISE reserves the right to grant a possible refusal on a case-by-case basis.

    Only compatible and well-socialised dogs are accepted. Since the dogs can and are allowed to move freely throughout the house, none will be accepted that mark the living area or attract attention due to uncleanliness or extreme dominant behaviour.


    Trial Day
    Before a longer stay, your pet should already be familiar with DOGGY PARADISE. That is why a short stay along the lines of a trial day (½ day) is strongly recommended.
    In addition, the dog will have the experience of knowing that the stay is just a holiday and that it will be picked up again.

    The dog must have been vaccinated on the recommendation of a veterinarian at least 3 weeks prior to arrival. Likewise for its own protection, the dog should be treated against ticks, fleas and worms at least one week prior to arrival.
    For that reason, please bring the original vaccination certificate with you.

    Puppies from the age of 3 months are welcome anytime at DOGGY PARADISE. Since a young dog still requires a lot of rest and protection, it will receive special care from us. We make sure that puppies staying with us on holiday can play a lot in a protected environment and are positively influenced.

    We consider all reservations made as being binding contracts.

    Arrival and Departure
    We will be happy to receive your registered dog between 8am and 10am.
    Dogs may be picked up between 5pm and 7pm.
    Arrival and departure days are counted as full days.
    Should your dog be picked up prior to the agreed date, there is no entitlement to compensation for the boarding days not used.

    If on an exceptional basis your dog cannot be picked up on the agreed date, DOGGY PARADISE expects to receive an alternative date as quickly as possible; each additional day will be invoiced.
    If your dog is not picked up after 10 days without notification, it will be passed on (animal shelter or the like). Any ensuing costs will be invoiced to the client.
    For emergencies, kindly inform DOGGY PARADISE of the contact details of relatives or friends.
    The fixed daily price does not include food. It is always best that your dog receive the food it is accustomed to eating when coming to stay with us. We ask that you bring sufficient food for the entire stay (labelled with name + amount to be given).

    Should your dog require medication, we ask that you also bring an amount that is sufficient for the entire stay (labelled with name and instructions).

    Illness, Injury, Accident, Hygiene, Care
    The pet owner agrees that his pet may move about freely on the grounds of DOGGY PARADISE. DOGGY PARADISE is not liable for injuries that may arise from disputes within the groups of supervised animals.
    The pet owner is liable for any damage caused by his pet to people or assets on the grounds of DOGGY PARADISE.
    We cannot be held responsible for damage or loss of items that have been brought in (baskets,
    T-shirts, blankets, toys, etc.).

    Should the dog show signs of illness, injury or lack of hygiene, DOGGY PARADISE is authorised to consult a veterinarian or suitable specialist; the ensuing treatment costs shall be borne by the pet owner.
    For any disease introduced, the pet owner shall bear the costs for treatment of the other animals and for losses in sales, etc.

    If, despite our greatest care, your dog should run away and damages occur to people or property or to your dog, the costs shall be borne by the pet owner.
    DOGGY PARADISE is not liable for non-culpable loss of the animal.

    Bitches that are not spayed will not be accepted while in heat. If a bitch goes into heat during the holiday season, a 100% surcharge will be applied for the extra effort per day and per animal; the bitch must be picked up immediately. If, despite all efforts, a bitch should become gravid, DOGGY PARADISE accepts no responsibility.

    Prices / Conditions for Payment
    The arrival and departure days count as full boarding days.
    On arrival, (at least) 50% of the entire amount is to be paid in cash. The remaining amount is to be paid at the latest on the day of departure (likewise in cash).
    For day stays, clients who rarely come or for new clients, we require full payment in cash in advance for the agreed length of stay.

    Cancellation / Early Pick-Up
    If your dog cannot stay with us the entire time planned, we kindly ask for immediate notification. There will be no charge for up to 7 days prior to the date of arrival. After 7 days prior to arrival, 50% of the costs will be invoiced. For cancellations just 2 or 1 day prior to arrival, we will invoice 100% for the agreed length of stay.
    Please keep in mind that our places are in great demand.

    Packing List / Things to Bring

    • Collar (please, no chain or studded collars, as these could lead to severe injuries when playing with other dogs)
    • One of your dog’s used blankets so that we can make its bed as comfortable and familiar as possible. It can be an old article, the important thing is the scent (sleeping places are available). Due to the dogs being able to roam freely, we unfortunately cannot be held responsible for any items such as blankets that have been brought in
    • Something that has been worn that smells like you for putting in your dog’s bed at dream-time
    • Sufficient food for the entire stay (labelled with name and amount to be given)
    • Medication or other remedies your dog requires in sufficient amounts for the length of stay (labelled with name and instructions)
    • Original vaccination certificate
    • Animal hospital ID (if available)